Axios vs express

In this tutorial we're going to build out a full stack React blog along with a blog admin back end. By the end of this tutorial, you will have enough knowledge to build fairly complex full stack apps using modern tools: React, Express, and a PostgreSQL database. We will begin by discussing the directory structure. We will have 2 directories, the Client and Server directory. The Client Directory will hold the contents of the our React app we setup in the last tutorial and the Server will hold the contents of the of our express server and hold the logic for our API calls to our database.

The Server directory will also hold our the schema to our SQL database. If you haven't already done so you can install the express-generator with the command:. This is a simple tool that will generate a basic express project with one simple command, similar to create-react-app. + Express - Tutorial - GET and POST Requests

It will save us a little bit of time from having to set everything up from scratch. We can begin by running the express command in the Server directory. This will give us a default express app, but we will not use the default configuration we will have to modify it. First let's delete the routes folder, the views folder and the public folder. We will not need them. You should have only 3 files left.

The www file in the bin directory, the app. If you accidentally deleted any of these files, simply generate another express project. Since we deleted those folders we will have to modify the code a little bit as well. Refactor your app. Next we need to change the default port in the www file to something other than port since this is the default port that our React front end app will be running on.

In addition to the dependencies we got by generating the express app, we will also be adding 3 more libraries to help us:. We will do this through a proxy in the React app. Without this we would receive a Cross Origin Resource error in the browser. This library will make our http requests more secure. Without this library communication with the database will not be possible. We are done setting up our minimal server and should have project structure that looks like this.

Now we can test to see if our server is working. You run the server without a Client side app. Express is a fully functioning app and will run independently of a Client side app. If done correctly you should see this in your terminal. Connecting our Client side app to our server is very easy and we need only one line of code.July 2, 8 min read The most common way for frontend programs to communicate with servers is through the HTTP protocol.

axios vs express

As with Fetch, Axios is promise-based. However, it provides a more powerful and flexible feature set. Advantages over the native Fetch API include:. In its simplest form, the object must have a url property; if no method is provided, GET will be used as the default value. Axios will automatically convert the data to JSON and send it as the request body. Axios also provides a set of shorthand methods for performing different types of requests. The methods are as follows:. For instance, the following code shows how the previous example could be written using the axios.

Once an HTTP request is made, Axios returns a promise that is either fulfilled or rejected, depending on the response from the backend service.

axios vs express

To handle the result, you can use the then method like this:. If the promise is fulfilled, the first argument of then will be called; if the promise is rejected, the second argument will be called.

According to the documentationthe fulfillment value is an object containing the following information:. This method returns a single promise object that resolves only when all arguments passed as an array have resolved. Keep in mind that if any of the arguments rejects then the promise will immediately reject with the reason of the first promise that rejects.

For convenience, Axios also provides a method called axios. The output of this code is the same as the previous example. The only difference is that the axios. Sending custom headers with Axios is very straightforward. Simply pass an object containing the headers as the last argument. For example:. But it also allows you to override the default behavior and define a different transformation mechanism.Throughout this tutorial, you'll be using Node.

For database we'll be using MongoDB and Mongoose. Express is a Node web framework that provides developers with essential elements to build web applications such as routing and templates etc. In this tutorial, we'll use Vue for the front-end and Node for the back-end of a full-stack web application. The example application we'll be building will allow you to create, read, update and delete records from a MongoDB database with a Vue front-end interface.

Inside your project's root folder create a server. Create a models folder inside your project and add a Todo. Our Todo model is very simple as it only contains a name field of type String. We have also set timestamps to true which automatically adds two new fields: createdAt and updatedAt to the schema. In the same file add the following code:. Let's start by installing the Vue CLI if you have not done so yet using the following command:.

Next navigate inside your frontend folder and install Axios by running the following command:. Node Express. Introduction In this tutorial, we'll use Vue for the front-end and Node for the back-end of a full-stack web application. Start by creating a folder for your project by running the following command: mkdir VueJSNodeProject. PORT ; app. Router. Listening on port Sponsored Links. Let's stay connected!By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I can't seem to figure out why when I'm doing an axios.

I don't have enough reputation to comment on Jim's last post but I had the same problem and that solved it! Learn more.

Asked 3 years, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed 13k times. I have the following files with snippets of code: app. Am I missing something?

Jim Jim 1, 2 2 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Ah, yes, it seems it uses webpack-dev-middleware and webpack-hot-middleware. Though i don't believe those would affect the POST handling. Thanks for the middleware tip! You're the bomb! Active Oldest Votes. To clarify: In my server. Ado Moshe Ado Moshe 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges.

I am having a similar problem but don't understand how you solved it.React is a view library, for building user interfaces or UIs, not a complete framework like, for example, Angular or AngularJS. You shouldn't consider this as a weakness of the library because React isn't supposed to handle all the tasks usually handled by frameworks.

The whole purpose of React is to render stateless components dump components with no data and statefull components using data from props and state that's usually fetched from an API server. You have a plethora of options, at your disposal, from external libraries to standard browser APIs. All you have to do is to choose the right solution for your needs. There are many libraries, with different features, that can be used to fetch data from remote servers.

We'll create a simple React app that sends API calls to the Reddit server to fetch some subreddit posts. So go ahead and create a new React project. I'm using and recommending create-react-app because it saves you from the hassle of configuring WebPack and lets you quickly generate a starter project to build your app. According to Mozilla MDN. It also provides a global fetch method that provides an easy, logical way to fetch resources asynchronously across the network.

Now let's fetch some data from Reddit. In our example it's a JSON file but can be any type of resource like an image or other types. For example here is how we send a POST request with fetch. A React app is a set of components with a root, parent and top-level component and child and child of child components that can be visualized as a tree structure.

Many questions arise in the React community—how to handle data? In the previous example we called the data fetch logic from componentWillMount life-cycle event which gets called when the component is about to mount, before the component's first render.

The component render method: it's a bad idea!

Full Stack React: How to Build Your Own Blog Using Express, Hooks, & Postgres.

The life-cycle event componentDidMount : it's the recommended place according to React docs. The life-cycle event componentWillMount : it's not recommended, according to React docs. The component's constructor in ES6: it's considered as an anti-pattern! But can be used just like componentWillMount. This is the simplest approach. We fetch data from the remote server in componentDidMount instead of componentWillMount so we can avoid, any side effects of the fetch API.

That may trick anyone to think it's the best place to fetch data. But that's not the case!


There are some precautions you can do such as setting up the initial state so the component will be rendered properly until data arrives and triggers another render cycle. The componentDidMount method is called after the component's first render so this is where you can safely place any asynchronous code that fetches data, has side effects or manipulate the DOM. When you are taking this approach then you have already setup the initial state, properly, to handle data which is not yet available or the undefined state.

For server side rendering, componentWillMount will be called twice from the server and again from the client, so requests to fetch data will be sent twice making an unnecessary round-trip to the server. On the other hand, componentDidMount is called only once in the client.

In ES6 React, the constructor is called right before the class is instantiated so the question is can you discard componentWillMount in favor of the class constructor when using JavaScript ES6 classes?Bond Capital, a Silicon Valley VC firm whose portfolio companies include Slack and Uber, told its investors this morning via email that the coronavirus' high-speed spread and impact has similarities to the devastating San Francisco earthquake of Why it matters: Bond's best-known partner, Mary Meeker, is a former bank analyst renowned for her annual Internet Trends Report, which many investors and entrepreneurs use as a touchstone for where tech is now and where it's going.

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Comparing axios vs. express vs. got vs. isomorphic-fetch vs. request

The biggest pharmacy benefit managers are profiting from the vast majority of those transactions, largely through sophisticated and complex financial engineering. Critics argue these tactics contribute to the country's high drug prices, which makes it important to understand how all of this works. The big picture: Pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, are middlemen. Axios obtained a document that helps answer those questions — a copy of the template that Express Scripts uses for its contracts.

We reported on its contentsand posted the document itself to DocumentCloud so readers could evaluate it for themselves. It is based on portions of the Express Scripts template as well as new reporting and pharmacy benefits documents.

Express Scripts declined multiple requests to comment further. Bond Capital, a Silicon Valley VC firm whose portfolio companies include Slack and Uber, told its investors this morning via email that the coronavirus' high-speed spread and impact has similarities to the devastating San Francisco earthquake of Why it matters: Bond's best-known partner, Mary Meeker, is a former bank analyst renowned for her annual Internet Trends Report, which many investors and entrepreneurs use as a touchstone for where tech is now and where it's going.

Today's page report to Bond's limited partners, obtained by Axios, shares some structural similarities. Protesters at the Michigan Capitol rally against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's stay-at-home order.

axios vs express

It is under siege! Sections About Axios Sign up. Technology Big Tech. Data privacy. Automation and AI. Stock market. Trade war. Health Coronavirus.

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Health care costs. Affordable Care Act. Medicare for All. Public health. World China. North Korea.

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